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What should an agency do if the return of Federal employees to their duty station conflicts with ordinances put in place by local or state authorities?

October 5 2020 11:42 pm

As the decision of an agency head to return to normal operations depends heavily on consultation with and guidance from local health officials, we expect such conflicts to be infrequent. However, OPM, in consultation with the Department of Justice, has determined that none of the orders issued to date restrict the ability of Federal employees and contractors from any travel necessary to perform official functions.  OPM recommends that Federal agencies continue to follow staffing plans that have been adopted consistent with previous COVID-19 guidance issued by OMB and OPM.

Federal employees and contractors should continue to carry appropriate Federal identification (such as a CAC or PIV card, or agency-issued letter of authorization) when traveling to carry out Federal business and report to appropriate supervisors if there has been a travel issue with local law enforcement.