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Domestic Violence Survivors

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Domestic Violence Survivors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a victim of domestic or sexual violence?

Any individual who is a victim of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking is protected. This is the same definition used in the Victims Leave law.

I’m being harassed at work by my abuser. What can I do?

You can ask your employer to provide you with a reasonable safety accommodation, such as:

– Allowing leave time so you can go to court, seek assistance from a victim services organization or medical treatment, move, or take other steps to deal with the abuse
– Allowing a flexible or modified work schedule
– Changing your work telephone number or extension, or e-mail address
– Keeping your home or business address or phone number confidential
– Transferring you to a different desk, shift or work site
– Having security or the front desk help make sure your abuser cannot come inside
– Providing other reasonable security measures at the workplace

The reasonable safety accommodations are separate from steps you can take on your own. For more information, contact the Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence. If you believe that you are in immediate danger, CALL 911.

What island specific domestic abuse resources are available?

The Hawaii State Coalition against Domestic Violence has address violence against women, children, and families results from the use of force or threat to achieve and maintain control over others in intimate relationships. See website for more information.

Please check back frequently to see new and updated resources.