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What is the future of Hawaiʻi?

Roadmap to Hawaiʻi’s Resilient Future

COVID-19 is changing how our kamaʻāina live and work in Hawaiʻi.

To address the economic and community impacts of COVID-19, Governor David Ige issued a proclamation on April 8, 2020 to establish a Hawaiʻi Economic & Community Navigator to coordinate, direct, and implement a statewide economic and community recovery and resilience plan.

The roadmap to Hawaiʻi’s recovery and resilience is comprised of four phases that represent the pathway to stabilizing, reopening, and, ultimately, recovering to a stronger and more resilient outcome.

Facebook logoTwitter logoLinkedIn logoHealing Hawaii, Phase 1: Stabilization

Phase 1: Stabilization: focuses on Healing Hawaiʻi by saving lives and flattening the curve in Hawaiʻi’s communities, and is informed by both the “Stay at Home and “Safer at Home” impact levels. During stabilization, low-risk businesses reopened.

Facebook logoTwitter logoLinkedIn logoKamaaina Economy, Phase 2: Reopening

Phase 2: Reopening celebrates Hawaiʻi’s Kamaʻāina Economy and is informed by the “Act with Care” impact level. In this phase, the focus is on reconnecting Hawaiʻi’s local activities by safely sustaining the reopening of medium to at increased risk businesses. The Reopening Phase also includes ongoing consideration regarding the 14-day inter-island travel quarantines.

Facebook logoTwitter logoLinkedIn logoRenew and Rebuild, Phase 3: Long-term Recovery

Phase 3: Long-term Recovery aims to Renew and Rebuild Hawaiʻi’s economy through a planning and policy discussion to incorporate transitional workforce modernization opportunities, support economic diversification initiatives, target the development of emerging industries, and advance long-term resilience planning.

Facebook logoTwitter logoLinkedIn logoStronger Hawaii, Phase 4: Resilience

Phase 4: Resilience is Hawaiʻi’s intended outcome. Working together, Hawaiʻi will emerge stronger and more resilient as a result of learning from and overcoming this challenge. Hawaiʻi’s resilience is envisioned to include an adaptive workforce, a flexible business environment, an innovative economy, Hawaiʻi’s long-term sustainability, a community-based preparedness mindset, and the security of essential needs.

For more information about the current phase and impact level, visit Reopening Status.