What is the future of Hawai’i?

Planning for a post-COVID Hawai’i

COVID-19 is changing how our kama’aina live and work in the islands.

To address the economic and community impact of COVID-19 and coordinate recovery efforts, Governor David Ige issued a Proclamation on April 8, 2020 to establish a Hawaii Economic & Community Navigator to coordinate, direct, and implement a statewide economic and community recovery and resiliency plan.

The Plan will consist of three components which will run concurrently:

Phase I Stabilization

Identify and address critical economic and community impacts, including the allocation of State and local funding to mitigate the collapse of key economic sectors. Also, provide direct economic relief to individuals to avoid homelessness, hunger and sickness.

Phase II Recovery

Identify and support economic and community development activities which provide recovery, job growth and capital investment in the economy. Chart a course of careful re-entry into the workforce, balancing the needs of public health and economic recovery.

Phase III Resiliency

Re-evaluate Hawaii’s economy to meet the new normal and desired future for Hawaii. Identify and invest in systemic changes in the economy and society that further economic diversification, environmental preservation, and Hawaii’s values and way of life.

As of May 2020, hotels, shopping malls, airlines, restaurants, retailers, service professionals, nonprofits, and a wide variety of businesses have significantly reduced or shut down operations. We are currently working towards a plan to future proof a more resilient future for our community across a variety of industries.