Reopening Status

Reopening strategy overview

The Beyond Recovery: Reopening Hawaiʻi strategy conveys Hawaii’s coordinated, statewide strategy to address the COVID-19 health and economic crisis. The reopening strategy outlines a phased, strategic approach to pivot from the COVID-19 public health emergency to renew and rebuild our communities into a stronger and more resilient Hawaiʻi moving forward. We understand that we will be living with and effectively managing COVID-19 for the foreseeable future, and therefore must remain adaptable and vigilant as restrictions are eased.

This page was last updated June 10, 2020.

What are the impact levels?

Stay at Home (Major disruption) – The “Stay at Home” impact level means that COVID-19 cases are surging or increasing and we risk insufficient testing, hospital capacity, or contact tracing.

Safer at Home (Moderate Disruption) – The “Safer a Home” impact level indicates that new COVID-19 cases may occur, but the overall trend is decreasing.

Act with Care (Minor Disruption) – The “Act with Care” impact level anticipates some new COVID-19 cases which are manageable along with improved capacity utilization for testing, hospitals, contact tracing.

Recovery (Minimal Disruption) – The “Recovery” impact level occurs when new COVID-19 cases indicate sporadic activity and optimized capacity utilization for testing, hospitals, and contact tracing.

New Normal (No Disruption) – The “New Normal” impact level means that we have adjusted to living with COVID-19 through a potential combination of effective treatments and containment methods, natural “herd immunity,” and/or vaccines.

How do we move to the next impact level?
• Minimum of 14 days of observation between decision points before moving to the next impact level
• Decisions to be made by the Governor and Mayors, informed by subject matter experts
• Depending on health, economic, and community-based indicators, the Governor and Mayors may consider stricter response measures
• Impact levels may vary by county

State reopening strategy for businesses and operations

Reopening strategy will be implemented by County and is subject to change. In all cases, businesses and operations must follow applicable CDC, industry and regulatory guidelines related to COVID-19 prior to opening.

Our shared responsibilities

Sector-specific health guidelines

This section shows sector-specific health guidelines for businesses published at the County, State, and Federal level.

Agriculture & Food Production
State of Hawai’i – Department of Health Guidance for Reopening Food Services Sector (PDF)

Education & Childcare
State of Hawai’i – Department of Human Services Health Guidelines for Child Care Facilities (PDF)

State of Hawai’i – Draft Healthcare Health Guidelines (PDF)

Hospitality & Tourism
Hawai’i Lodging and Tourism Association – Lodging Health Guidelines

Non-Profits and Faith-Based or Community Organizations
State of Hawai’i – Draft Non-profit Health Guidelines (PDF)
Honolulu County – Health Guidelines for Religious Services (PDF – see pages 4 and 6)

Real-Estate and Construction
US Federal Government – Center for Disease Control Construction Health Guidelines
Honolulu County – High Rise Condo Health Guidelines
Honolulu County – Real Estate Service Health Guidelines (PDF – see page 1)
Pacific Resource Partnership (PRP) – Sample COVID-19 jobsite policy (PDF)
Hawaiʻi Construction Industry COVID Pledge (PDF)

Hawai’i County – Restaurant Health Guidelines (PDF) 
Honolulu County – Restaurant Health Guidelines (PDF – see page 6)
Kaua’i County – Bar and Bar Top Service Health Guidelines (PDF)

National Retail Federation – Guidelines for Reopening Retail Sector (PDF)
Hawai’i County – Retail Health Guidelines (see bottom of page)    
Maui County – Retail Health Guidelines (PDF)
Honolulu County – Retail and Repair Business Health Guidelines (PDF – see page 3)
Honolulu County – Automotive Dealership Health Guidelines (PDF – see page 2)

State of Hawaiʻi – Barber and Beauty Operator Health Guidelines (PDF – see page 75)
Honolulu County – Outdoor Sport Facilities Health Guidelines (PDF – see page 3)
Honolulu County – Social Distancing Requirements (PDF)
Honolulu County – Beach Health Guidelines (PDF – see page 5)

For more general reopening guidelines for all businesses, see the County Guidelines section above. Additional state guidelines are coming soon for the following sectors:
• Banking & Insurance
• Culture & Art
• Energy
• Government & Infrastructure
• Native Hawaiian
• Technology, Media, and Telecom