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Real-Estate and Construction

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Real-Estate and Construction

Real-Estate and Construction Health Guidelines

Hawaiʻi’s construction industry has developed two documents for businesses to adopt in order to protect their workers and communities from COVID-19.

The industry has instituted an official pledge conveying to the public its commitment to implement requirements at construction sites statewide to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The pledge affirms the construction industry’s commitment to protecting its employees and conducting work safely. The pledge has been signed by more than 150 of the state’s contractors, contractors’ associations, construction-related firms, labor unions, business associations and developers. It contains health guidelines across 5 dimensions to mitigate COVID-19 spread, including personal responsibilities, social distancing, hand washing, hoists and elevators and communication. These health guidelines are being implemented by managers and workers at construction sites as the safety of employees remains the industry’s top priority.

Additionally, Pacific Resource Partnership (PRP) Member Contractors have created a sample COVID-19 jobsite policy for construction industry-wide use in Hawaiʻi. The document is meant as a resource for the industry in developing specific COVID-19 policies. Businesses are encouraged to use this sample policy, either as resource for reviewing their existing policy or for adoption in its entirety.

Businesses should adopt both documents for a comprehensive understanding of how they can do their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Frequently Asked Questions

You are never required to put yourself at risk in servicing a client. Have an open and honest conversation with your client about your concerns with holding an open house at this time, including whether doing so would contradict current government recommendations or mandates, particularly in geographic areas with “shelter in place” mandates. If after discussing these issues, you and your client mutually agree to hold an open house, advise your client about necessary precautions to minimize exposure to, and the spread of, COVID-19.

Due to COVID-19, the Hawaiʻi Real Estate Branch office will be temporarily closed from the end of the workday on Thursday, March 19th and is scheduled to reopen on Friday, May 1st, barring unforeseen circumstances.
Find more information on the CCA website.

When considering whether to hold an open hours, realtors should consult with their brokers, and consider how federal, state and local authorities’ current recommendations and actions, such as “shelter in place” mandates, impact the advisability, and even permissibility of open houses.

Where open houses are permissible, The National Association of Realtors (NAR) strongly encourages members to consider the advisability of continuing to hold open houses at this time, especially in light of the guidance and actions of federal, state and local authorities, including “The President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America” recommending that gatherings of ten or more persons be avoided.

Yes. Brokers can and should enforce existing Executive Orders with their independent contractor agents. Brokers and agents should be familiar with the details of the order, including whether real estate services are deemed essential services and how the order impacts the permissibility of continuing to conduct in-person real estate-related activities.

Please check back frequently to see new and updated resources.

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