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Federal Workers & Contractors

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Federal Workers & Contractors


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a government contractor, agencies will be able to modify terms and conditions of a contract and to reimburse contractors at a billing rate of up to 40 hours per week of any paid leave, including sick leave.

Yes, federal contractor employees who normally may not telework should be able to do so during the COVID-19 outbreak to the extent practicable.

Yes, federal employees are eligible for the paid sick and family/medical leave under the Families First legislation.

The director of the Office of Management and Budget has the authority to exclude certain executive branch employees from the paid leave mandates for good cause. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please ask your supervisor or union representative for more information.

Under the CARES Act, your employer will be reimbursed for any paid leave provided to you if you are unable to perform work on a site due to facility closures or other restrictions.

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